Jake Tapper’s Web Show “Political Punch” Debuts Today

You may not see Jake Tapper on Sunday mornings anymore, but you can see him on Tuesdays – online. will launch a new weekly webcast today, anchored by Tapper, called “Political Punch.”

The Senior White House Correspondent interviews departing Congressmembers Sen. Byron Dorgan and Rep. Bob Inglis today. The show will include regular features like the DC Ticker, a “buy or sell market-style segment analyzing who is up and who is down in Washington,” with Washington bureau chief of Mother Jones David Corn, and a Politifact segment (like Tapper started during his time at This Week). The show also will include animated sketches by Tapper – getting a chance to show his cartoonist skills.

Tapper is a force in the new media world, with an active and popular Twitter feed and a blog (also called “Political Punch”) which just celebrated its five-year anniversary.

ABC News as a whole has a variety of web-only programs, like “Top Line.”

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