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James O’Keefe Inspires Trend Of Dressing Like a Pimp On Fox News

pimp_9-23James O’Keefe, 25-year-old undercover journalist, has seen real results since his video exposés of ACORN were posted on and replayed on Fox News incessantly.

He made one PR mistake – dressing up in his pimp costume for a Fox & Friends interview. It didn’t really hurt him though – and now others on Fox News have started to play dress-up as well.

At the time, O’Keefe joked, “Im one of the whitest guys ever…I just wear ridiculous stuff and put people in ridiculous situations.”

Enter Eric Bolling – host of FBN’s Happy Hour, a Strategy Room anchor and fill-in host of the Glenn Beck Program. At the end of Bulls & Bears this weekend, Bolling was introduced as the “mystery guest.”

Decked out in a O’Keefe-like costume, plus a hat, the camera cut to ACORN video black-and-white as he gave his pimp picks. “Even pimps and hos are buying homes,” said Bolling.

“You know there are times you just don’t say anything?” said anchor Brenda Buttner at the end of the segment.

James O’Keefe isn’t just appearing regularly on Fox News – he’s inspiring others to follow his lead.

Check it out:

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