Jay Carney: Obama’s ‘Toughest’ 2012 Interview Was with Jon Stewart

Jay Carney made an interesting claim at a George Washington University forum Thursday morning, telling CBS’ Major Garrett that of all the interviews President Obama did in 2012, his sit-down with Jon Stewart was quite possibly the toughest and most substantive.

Stewart’s had plenty of tough interviews with political figures over the years, including a now-infamous one with Kathleen Sebelius on Obamacare that may have actually contributed to her stepping down last week.

Obama’s been making lots of unconventional press appearances in recent years (Between Two Ferns at the apex), but back during the reelection campaign, Carney says they had discussions about what forums to have Obama participate in. They made the call to have the president go on The Daily Show because young voters watch it, and then Carney had this to say.

“I think if you look back at 2012 and the series of interviews the sitting president of the United States gave, probably the toughest interview he had was with Jon Stewart. Probably the most substantive, challenging interview Barack Obama had in the election year was with the anchor of The Daily Show.”

Which might say quite a lot about the actual reporters covering the White House…

Watch the video below:

[Editor’s note: An earlier version of this post said Carney spoke at Georgetown. Carney spoke at George Washington University.]

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