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Jeb Bush: Iraq War Hypothetical a ‘Disservice’ to Soldiers Killed in Battle

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has come under increasing criticism for his statement this weekend affirming that he would have invaded Iraq. After two days worth of defense, Bush went on the offense at an event in Reno Wednesday, deriding the “hypothetical” as a “disservice” to troop members killed in military service.

“Rewriting history is hypothetical,” Bush said per Bloomberg’s Michael Bender, in an implicit rebuke of Fox’s Megyn Kelly, who posed the question during an interview that aired Monday evening.


The war’s lessons, he said Wednesday, are to get the best intelligence available and have security and exit strategies. He credited his brother, former President George W. Bush, for the surge, creating security that “was squandered” by successor Barack Obama.

“The focus ought to be on the future,” Bush said.

Bush’s claim that he would have invaded was a bit muddy, as Kelly asked whether he’d have done so knowing what we know now, whereas Bush answered according to the intelligence available in 2002. After criticism, GOP strategist Ana Navarro claimed Bush had “misheard” the question, while Bush conceded to Sean Hannity on Tuesday that he had misinterpreted the question.

Bush’s new answer appears designed to head off future iterations of the question, as it places Bush in the tough spot of having to defend an unpopular war or throw his brother under the bus.

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