comScore Redirects to Another Candidate’s Website (Take a Wild Guess Who)

jebSometimes candidates don’t own websites with their name, often leading to amusing sites run by random people ( is currently owned by someone with a decidedly non-Cruzian message, but Jeb Bush may have screwed up big-time because his campaign didn’t snatch up

And when you go to, guess which other campaign’s website it directs to.

No, really. Guess. Which other campaign do you think was trolltastic enough to––oh, forget it, you’ve figured out already it’s Trump.

One can only imagine how Trump might work this into his speeches…

“Jeb Bush is so lazy and SOOO low-energy, he couldn’t even get his own website! Can you believe it? Lemme tell you something, if Jeb Bush can’t even get, how’s he gonna get the terrorists?!”

Bush’s official campaign website is (For the record, redirects you to Trump’s website also.)

[h/t Dylan Byers]
[image via screengrab]

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