Jeff Zucker: It’s ‘Shocking’ the Political Establishment Has Been Silent on Trump’s Media Attacks

Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, finds it “shocking” that the political establishment has not stood up for the press following the attacks on the institution by President Donald Trump.

Speaking at the INTV Media Conference in Jerusalem, the CNN executive said that Trump’s classification of the media as an enemy was, according to an Associated Press account, “unfortunate and dangerous.”

At the conference, Zucker also spoke about his most recent conversation with Trump, which according to Zucker, took place on Dec. 21. As it turned out, the then President-elect wasn’t thrilled with some CNN coverage.

I say ‘Hello.’ He says ‘Jeff, Donald.’ I say ‘Hello, Donald.’ And he spent the next two minutes railing about a guest we just had on CNN who said something about him he didn’t like. He yelled at me for two minutes and he said ‘OK, got it? Goodbye’ and he hung up.

According to the Times of Israel, Zucker was pressed on whether he thought Trump would complete a full term in office. Zucker reportedly tried to duck the question. But finally, he gave in.

“I think today, you have to say that, you know, he will be president for four years.”

Watch above, via Israel’s Channel 2 News.

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