Jerry Seinfeld Doesn’t Think You Use Drones to Spy on Your Neighbors

Jerry Seinfeld graces the cover of this month’s issue of Wired magazine, and for an online video feature, he decided to answer some reader questions about tech etiquette. Calling himself a “cutting-edge technology guy,” Seinfeld weighed in on everything from personal drones and tweeting on Ambien.

To a reader who wanted to know if it is cool to use a drone to spy on a neighbor who they suspect is feeding their cat, Seinfeld asked, “What’s wrong with someone feeding your cat? Seems like they’re doing you a favor, leave ’em alone.”

Is it appropriate to “like” a post about death on Facebook? “Yes, death is not 100% bad, we need the room.”

Is it OK to video a concert with an iPad? “Sure, go ahead, so you won’t enjoy the concert and you won’t enjoy the video. So you’ll have negated everything.”

There’s more wisdom where that came from…

Watch video below, via Wired:

[h/t Salon]
[Photo via screengrab]

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