Jesse Jackson: Ray Rice Doesn’t Deserve Lifetime Ban from NFL

PicMonkey Collage- Jackson  RiceIt has been nearly 20 months since Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was banned from the NFL after being caught beating his fiancée on camera. A movement has emerged, hoping to appeal the lifetime ban; and on Tuesday, Jesse Jackson decided to get in on the action.

“I feel very insulted by the silence about Ray’s getting a chance to play ball again,” Jackson said on WBAL. “Ray did something terribly wrong and not only has he apologized with contrition, his wife forgave him, God has forgiven him, he wants to go on with his life.”

Jacson accentuated his point by bringing up Adrian Peterson, who was suspended while facing assault charges against his 4-year-old son, but was reinstated with the Minnesota Vikings. Jackson argued that Rice’s transgressions were less sever than Peterson’s by comparison, or those Tom Brady regarding the Deflategate controversy.

“Why give him a lifetime sentence for that? It’s not fair,” Jackson said. “When you make a mistake, a big one, and you’re asked forgiveness, and you’re contrite in your quest and you show evidence of your sincerity, it puts the burden on those who dare not do the forgiving. He has put the burden on us.”

You can listen to Jackson’s segment here:

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