Jim Carrey Apologizes To Assault Rife Owners: ‘I Love You And I’m Sorry I Called You Names’

Jim Carrey’s love-hate relationship with violence continued on Sunday, which found him apologizing on Twitter to assault rifle owners, whom he’d previously mocked in a Funny Or Die spoof as “heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.”

Carrey maintained his disagreement with gun owners, but insisted that it was not a personal disapproval:

Carrey added that his position on assault rifles—which he says was influenced by the Newtown shootings seven months ago—remains consistent, but that he regretted the aggressive way with which he approached the issue.

It’s not the first time Carrey has flirted with the gun control debate and its supposed intersection with Hollywood’s culture of violence. Last month, he renounced the violence of his recent film Kick Ass 2, though he notably did not return any of the money he’d made by starring in it.

[h/t Newsbusters]

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