Jim Carrey Goes Off on ‘Corporate Fascist’ Jerry Brown over Vaccine Bill

With a definitive showing in last night’s Delete Your Account contest, In Living Color co-star Jim Carrey went off on California Governor Jerry Brown (D) for signing a law requiring children to be vaccinated to attend Golden State schools.

Carrey is a prominent anti-vaccination advocate, a so-to-speak movement that seems to attract otherwise listless celebrities. Brown, meanwhile, is probably tickled to have lived long enough to go from Governor Moonbeam to a corporate fascist:

California saw an outbreak of measles earlier this year traced to Disneyland, an incident that triggered a national debate over vaccines after several GOP candidates stumbled over whether they felt the shots should be legally mandated. Unvaccinated children, who tend to come from affluent communities, can often imperil others with weak immune systems, leading many to argue that compelling the shots is a matter of public health. Discredited studies and random internet sites written in green typeface say otherwise.

Carrey continued tweeting in an equally angry but less entertaining fashion for the rest of the evening.

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