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Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Hilarious New ‘Ad’ for White People Dating Site

On Tuesday night while many in the media were absorbing the reactions from President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union, Jimmy Kimmel struck a decidedly more light-hearted approach with a story on — and this is true — a white person dating site.

“I thought we already had a place where white people meet — isn’t that The Bachelor?” the host joked.

Kimmel continued, “The site launched in December and it’s really taking off thanks to ads like this.”

The parody sketch features — you guessed it — all white people parading the things that caucasians love the most. “I wanted a gal who shares my passion for Celine Dion!” says one site “user” in the bit.

“I like girls who say ‘literally’ for no reason, and say hashtags out loud.” The list of targets in the sketch also include TED Talks, Subaru’s, restoration hardware and perhaps most importantly: “Downtown muthafu*king Abbey”. Popular Los Angeles comedian Jeremiah Watkins portrays one of the, uhh, more interesting people who has found love using the site.

The actual site, aptly titled Where White People Meet, has made its way into headlines recently for a series of controversial billboards which have been removed in the state of Utah.

Watch the above video from the Jimmy Kimmel YouTube page.

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