Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the One Endorsement That Just Might Put Hillary Clinton Over the Top


It has been a hard fought and long (emphasis on long) campaign for everyone involved, and here in the final hours of the 2016 race, the candidates are doing everything possible to convince the American people that they’re the right choice.

On the Democratic side of things, there has been no shortage of high-wattage celebrity endorsements lining up to support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; in recent days, we’ve seen the likes of Beyonce, JAY Z, Katy Perry, and LeBron James do their part to support Clinton, but last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host rolled out one final endorsement that might put Clinton over the top.

“The FBI email thing hurt her a bit,” admitted Kimmel to his crowd on ABC, “but that was more than offset by a major last minute endorsement she got today from maybe the most unlikely supporter of all.”

As per Kimmel, we can officially add one more celebrity to the lengthy list of those who support Clinton’s candidacy: businessman Donald Trump.

The bit unfolds with classic video archival footage of Trump heaping praise onto Clinton and her husband, framing his support in the form of a full-on endorsement.

“How did she do as Secretary of State?” asks Trump. “Probably above and beyond everybody else,” he continues before admitting in a classic 1999 interview with Chris Matthews, “You think about [Bill Clinton] with the women… imagine me with the women?”

Watch the newest Hillary Clinton endorsement video above via ABC.

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