Jimmy McMillan Is Now With The Republican Party Because The Democrats “Sucked”

Jimmy McMillan is a natural showman who gives absolute gold whenever he’s on camera. So when PBS writer Sal Gentile saw him on the street this past weekend, he decided to give the leader of the Rent is Too Damn High Party an impromptu interview. Sure enough, gold is what he got. In this case, it was the revelation that McMillan was running for president but planned to do so as a Republican. The simple explanation? The Democrats “sucked.”

McMillan gave the interview while promoting a “new theme song and campaign vehicle” in New York’s East Village. He was surrounded by college students asking to get a picture with him. He described the students as “his people.” When he said he was bring his party under the Republican tent, Gentile pushed him to explain why. This was his response:

“I didn’t get what I needed. The Democratic Party sucked. They’re using Barack Obama to get the young people to vote Democratic and they have no plans to help the people. It’s the same party that controlled the Congress for 40 years from 1994 down. 40 years they had control. And, from 1995, Republicans have been in office, they just don’t know what to do. I do. I’m here to helpt them.”

Watch the video of the encounter below. You can read the full write-up over at The Daily Need.

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