Joan Rivers May Have Died from Unauthorized Biopsy on Vocal Cords

The unexpected death of comedian Joan Rivers may have been due to an unplanned, unauthorized biopsy done to her vocal cords while she was under sedation.

The New York Daily News reports that Rivers had been placed under anesthesia while undergoing a diagnostic endoscopy in an outpatient clinic on the Upper East Side, when one of the doctors noticed something on her vocal cords. (Rivers had been concerned about her suddenly raspy voice.)

According to their sources, a doctor who identified himself as an ear, nose, and throat specialist had accompanied Rivers, and asked the clinic’s doctor if he could perform a quick biopsy — a procedure that is only supposed to be performed with the patient’s permission, and should generally be done in a hospital setting. Instead, Rivers’ vocal chords began to seize, causing her to stop breathing.

“If she had been in a hospital when it happened, she might have been okay,” the source said.

Rivers died nearly a week later after being taken off life support, and was buried on Sunday in what could only be described as the most Joan Rivers funeral ever.

Meanwhile, the clinic that performed the endoscopy is currently under investigation, while getting slammed on Yelp.

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