Joe Biden Shuts Down Rumor that ‘Republicans’ Reference in Speech Was a Jab at Hillary


During his interview with 60 Minutes, Vice President Joe Biden was asked to elaborate on comments he made during his recent speech that some have taken to be a subtle jab at Hillary Clinton‘s recent ding on Republicans.

The interview began with an emotional look at Biden and his wife Jill‘s discussions over running for the Oval Office, while also trying to moving past the death of their son Beau to brain cancer.

Later on, Norah O’Donnell addressed how many reporters have wondered whether Biden was referencing Clinton’s comments at the Democratic debate when, as he declined to run, he said in his speech, “I don’t think we should look at Republicans as our enemies.”

When asked about that, Biden said that it was not a reference to Clinton, but that he was commenting about divisive partisanship in Washington. He also thought that Clinton was trying to be humorous rather than serious when asked for who she thought was her greatest political enemy.

“She was smiling when she said the Republicans, and I don’t take it as that’s her view,” Biden said.

Biden elaborated that he and Clinton are friendly with each other, and that his remark was about the difficulty of accomplishing goals while each political side sees the opposition as an “enemy.” When O’Donnell said that the New York Times reported that the mention of Clinton’s name made him furious, Biden laughed and said it was quite untrue.

“This must be the same guys who knew I was going to run because that’s never been the case,” Biden said

You can watch the interview in the video above (the relevant part is at 9:40), via CBS.

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