Joe Scarborough Gets Literary: West Wing Like ‘Lord Of The Flies’

Joe Scarborough, broke away from wall-to-wall coverage of Zbigniew Brzezinski on Tuesday to take a little look at the latest in the Trump Russia investigation. The Morning Joe co-host took obvious relish in the most recent scoop from the New York Times which revealed that Jared Kushner was looking to create a direct back channel to Vladimir Putin.  

“When the Kushner story came out there were not two unnamed sources, there were six unnamed sources in the White House kicking Jared about the head.”

Times reporter Glenn Thrush was on hand to break it down, warning that the constant drumbeat of bad news was leaving President Trump’s son-in-law in an increasingly tenuous position.

“He is in an interesting position” said Thrush. “If this investigation keeps moving closer to Jared, I think that puts a lot of strain on this relationship.”


“You have six people piling on here,” said a gleeful Scarborough. “It is Lord of the Flies in the West Wing now.”

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