Joe Scarborough Gets Personal With ‘Donald’: ‘Stupid in the Ways of Washington’

The regulars were all assembled on Friday’s edition of Morning Joe. Panelists exchanged their mutual disbelief at Congressman Devin Nunes’ late excursion onto the White House grounds to receive classified information.

“Why would these staffers give it to Nunes as opposed to walking down the hall and giving it to Trump,” asked contributor Steve Rattner.

“It was all a show,” bellowed Scarborough. “It was all a made-for-TV reality show.”

Scarborough then got very personal, addressing Trump directly.

“It was as badly produced as The Apprentice,” he said before catching himself. “Just joking Donald. I don’t want to really piss him off. That would really piss him off.”

“They knew they had a pliable guy” offered Mike Barnacle, another contributor.

“They knew they had a dupe” Scarborough contended, speaking of Nunes. “They are stupid in the ways of Washington D.C. It always comes out, and they still don’t think that.”

The acrimony was only the latest from Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski in the rising war of words between the show and Donald Trump. The president has become so annoyed with their coverage that he recently unfollowed both hosts on Twitter.

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