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John Ashcroft: Obama Panders to ‘Some Ethnic Portions’ of America

According to former Attorney General John Ashcroft, President Barack Obama appeases certain ethnic parts of the country, and his administration routinely ignores the law.

Ashcroft, who headed the Department of Justice during the first four years of the Bush Administration, said at a National Press Club event in Washington, D.C., that Obama “believes that the democracy speaks to him not through Congress but through opinion polls” and his advisers, according to the Daily Caller.

Without specifically mentioning current Attorney General Eric Holder, Ashcroft said it is very “threatening” and “disconcerting” that the Justice Department ignores “wholesale sections of the law,” referring specifically to Ferguson, Missouri.

“[Those who put politics over the rule of law] need to apologize to the American people and they need to apologize to law enforcement,” Aschcroft said.

On President Obama’s flirtation with the idea of instituting mandatory voting, Ashcroft said the president is “incapable of distinguishing that not voting is one of the democratic freedoms that we enjoy.”

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