John Boehner: ‘I Get Along With The President Fine,’ But He’s Decided To ‘Shirk His Responsibilities’

House Speaker John Boehner recently spoke with Newsmax editor David Patten about a variety of issues relating to the White House. Up first: The Obama administration’s role — or lack thereof — in the House’s probe into Solyndra’s bankruptcy.

Is that part of a pattern of obstruction?

“Well, they’re making the mistake that every White House makes,” said Boehner. “Slow down the development of the documents, decide they’re not going to comply with part of it, redact the documents to no end. And all they’re going to do is drag this out. We’re not going to turn our heads, and we’re not going to turn a blind eye to what appears to be some incredibly horrible decisions.”

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Asked whether he’s able to get straight answers when he dials up the White House, Boehner replied that “by and large, I get along with the President fine.” Although he did admit the the news magazine — echoing statements he’d made to This Week — that things have been a bit “frosty” as of late:

The last few weeks it’s been a little frosty as the President decided to shirk his responsibilities to be a leader, and has gone out and decided to campaign full-time. It’s been a bit disappointing to me. And I haven’t talked with the President much during this period.

Have a look at the interview, courtesy of Newsmax.TV:

h/t Newsmax

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