John Kasich Admits He Just Can’t Bring Himself to Be ‘Enthusiastic’ About Voting Now

After suspending his campaign for the Republican nomination, John Kasich has been pretty quiet. (You would be, too!) In fact, he’s seemed pretty bummed out. (You would be, too!)

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, out today, he admitted he’s still on the fence about voting for Donald Trump in November. (You would be, too!)

After saying he’s never voted for a Democrat before, he revealed, dejectedly, “I wish that I could be fully enthusiastic. I can’t be. So I don’t know what’s going to happen at the end.”

It hasn’t been a big secret that Kasich isn’t buying what Trump is selling. He is described by CNN as being one of the “most prominent holdouts” in the Republican party and he did skip last month’s spectacle of an RNC. He’s been saying for months that he might never come around to endorsing Trump, but now that the reality star is really the nominee and the election is looming closer and closer, that stance is really starting to mean something.

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