John Kasich’s Still in the Race, by the Way

kasichDonald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee. Nothing’s stopping him at this point. Ted Cruz is out. John Kasich, on the other hand…

Yes, Kasich is still in the race, even––as Jake Tapper pointed out earlier tonight––he’s fourth in a race that’s now down to two people.

Cruz saw the writing on the wall, but Kasich posted a note on Facebook starting out with the sentence “Tonight’s results are not going to alter Gov. Kasich’s campaign plans.”

Yes, he is still hoping for a contested convention. Check out the following delusions reasons:

He can unite the Party better than anyone else. Trump’s cynical sowing of division will render the GOP into angry, irrelevant status for decades.

The Mad Hatter Gibberish pushed by Trump during the primary would weaken America. His proposals would divide us, put American workers in the unemployment line and put our national security at risk. And a Clinton presidency would be at least four more years of international drift, a liberal Supreme Court, and more big government at the expense of job creators, entrepreneurs and families.

And as far as Kasich’s chief strategist is concerned, they still have a path:

So that’s still a thing.

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