John Kelly Was Reportedly ‘Horrified’ by Trump’s Mueller Diatribe After Cohen Office Raid

There’s been a lot of talk about John Kelly‘s diminishing influence in the White House, something President Trump has denied, but a new report confirms that is in fact the case.

Per CNN, Kelly is holding fewer senior staff meetings and is “less engaged in West Wing decisions.” The President has repeatedly mused about Kelly leaving, but “various crises have served to put off the decision.”

Kelly isn’t being “regularly consulted about policy decisions” anymore, and it turns out Trump views the newer staffers in his administration as “mini-executives” who get a ton of leeway to decide who works under them.

And given how, well, unrestrained the President has been this week, it would appear Kelly’s consternation is rising:

[H]is limited influence has been on full display in recent weeks as Trump has shown himself more unleashed than ever. Just this week, he lashed out at the special counsel, his attorney general and his deputy attorney general as part of a larger outburst during a meeting with senior military officials that was supposed to focus on his administration’s response to Syria.

Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general, was horrified at the highly charged display, according to one person familiar with his reaction.

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