John Kline Projected to Win Despite Targeting from Maher’s ‘Flip a District’ Campaign

Congressman John Kline (R- Minnesota) has cruised to victory tonight, defeating Democratic candidate Mike Obermueller, after a weeks-long “Flip a District” campaign by Bill Maher to get him ousted from office for not representing his people well.

WCCO is projecting a Kline win. Right now the polls, with less than 20 percent reporting, have Kline at a comfortable lead.

Maher had viewers decide which congressperson he should target for flipping, and settled on Kline. Kline’s campaign obviously took full advantage of this and went after both Maher and Obermueller (even though Maher repeatedly insisted he had nothing to do with the Democrat).

Maher acknowledged on multiple occasions it would be an uphill climb, and at least one political reporter thought Maher chose wrong, but he pulled out all the stops, even going to Kline’s district himself to campaign.

[image via U.S. Congress, Randy Miramontez/Shutterstock]

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