‘John Lewis Is Not All Talk No Action’: CNN’s Jim Acosta Grills MLK III on Trump’s Lewis Criticism

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Following his meeting at Trump Tower today with President-elect Donald Trump, the son of Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to reporters in the lobby.

On a holiday named for his father and in the wake of Trump’s criticisms of civil rights icon John Lewis, Martin Luther King III was asked if he were offended by Trump’s tweets calling Lewis all talk and no action.

“First of all, I think that in the heat of emotion a lot of things get said on both sides,” MLK III said. “I think that at some point I am, as John Lewis and many others are, a bridge builder. The goal is to bring America together and Americans.”

After King answered another question about whether he was concerned about Trump being a president for all races, CNN’s Jim Acosta followed up on the Lewis attacks, asking King if it “cut to your core” and pressed him to answer on whether he agrees that “John Lewis is not all talk and no action.”

“Absolutely I would say John Lewis has demonstrated that he is action,” King responded. “As I said, things get said on both sides in the heat of of emotion.”

Watch the clip above.

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