John McCain’s Son: Trump Comments ‘Reprehensible,’ ‘Pretty Inflammatory’


John McCain took the high road on Monday when, instead of denouncing the controversial statements Donald Trump made about his capture while serving in Vietnam, he responded that Trump apologize not to him, but to all veterans and former POWs.

While the senator’s admonition is light by comparison to the widespread criticism Trump has been receiving, his son, Jack McCain, was one of those who made it clear on Saturday that Trump had, once again, crossed the line:

McCain currently serves as a pilot for the Navy, and on Monday, he told CNN that even though “nothing in politics is disqualifying,” Trump’s remarks were “reprehensible.”

“I hope his personality has shown through,” said McCain. “Whether it was an offhanded comment or not, if that’s his true belief, then there needs to be some serious soul-searching as to whether or not he is a viable candidate for president.”

McCain said he was speaking not as a naval officer or representative of any kind, but as a civilian and a son. He agreed that Trump had less business personally apologizing to his father (which he has refused to do), but in establishing himself as a worthy candidate for Commander-in-Chief:

Donald Trump has to understand he’s running to be the commander in chief of the United States military. When you’re doing so, if an individual gets rolled up and becomes a prisoner of war, then is he going to abandon them simply because he doesn’t like people who are captured? I think that’s a pretty inflammatory statement for somebody who is trying to be the commander-in-chief

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