John Oliver Has Figured Out the True Conspiracy Behind Cadbury Creme Eggs

In the weird, dark recesses of the internet, people have used YouTube to air their most bizarre and half-baked conspiracy theories into clickable video content. Inspired by this truly strange phenomenon — “Science fiction for people who don’t understand they’re watching science fiction,” as he puts it — Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver released an exclusive web segment Sunday night aimed at mocking the “believers” of this digital space.

To prove his point of the ridiculousness of YouTube conspiracy efforts, Oliver created a conspiracy theory of his own, using the appropriately Easter-themed candy of Cadbury Creme Eggs as his subject. “It’s a terrible candy that tastes like mermaid placenta covered in candle wax,” he offered, before going into a deep dive of all nonsensical (but true to form) conspiracy Illuminati-inspired malarky.

In a conspiratorial story arc that tied together Miracle on 34th Street, German gold, Bono, and Illuminati pyramid symbolism, Oliver managed to pull it all together into one defining conclusion: “Open your eyes! Clearly here Cadbury Creme Eggs appear in our stores for the financial benefit of Illuminati elites such as Jay Z, Beyonce, and Al Sharpton.”

Check out the segment above from Last Week Tonight’s YouTube page.

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