John Oliver Issues Warning After Trump Syria Strike: Everyone Should be ‘Very Worried’

John Oliver used his most recent episode of Last Week Tonight to issue a series of warnings and reminders about Donald Trump’s Thursday airstrike in Syria.

While Oliver said it was perfectly understandable for Trump to be moved to action after seeing pictures of from Bashar al-Assad’s recent chemical gas attack, he warned that larger considerations needed to be thought through.

“It has to come in the context of a larger strategy or it’s close to worthless,” said Oliver. “I don’t think he is thinking strategically … If this was a warning shot, what were we warning against?”

Oliver then rattled off a number of big unanswered questions relating to potential consequences of escalation. “This is complicated and I am not saying there are right answers here.”

He ended with a warning.

“Right now we have a president who feeds off praise, and he just got a lot of it for bombing someone, and that should make everyone very, very worried.”

Watch above.

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