Jon Stewart Lands Exclusive Interview With Muppet Michael Steele

There are many reasons why The Daily Show is the most trusted name in fake news, but at the top of this list is their uncanny ability to equate childish political conversations to children’s entertainment references and their exquisite use of puppet humor. Last night, perhaps inspired by Glenn Beck‘s new sidekick, Disney World Chairman Mao, Jon Stewart landed an exclusive interview with his own Chairman doll: Muppet Michael Steele.

Steele has laid pretty low since the the news broke that his party had spent around $2000 of RNC funds at a lesbian bondage-themed nightclub, keeping his typical “moo moo, baby” attitude to himself in exchange for simply playing the race card. Muppet Michael Steele, however, was ready to let it all hang out in an interview that will inevitably be remembered as the Frost/Nixon talks of our generation.

Watch the exclusive interview, and Stewart’s plug for his new favorite band, “Lesbian Bondage Fiasco,” below:

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