Jon Stewart Mocks MSNBC’s New “Lean Forward” Campaign

Jon Stewart is a smart and funny guy. As any regular visitor to Mediaite knows, we are big fans of his incisive and entertaining commentary on the often absurd intersection of media and politics. But that doesn’t mean we always agree with his point-of-view; take for example his take down of MSNBC’s new campaign to re-brand themselves with the phrase “Lean Forward.” In the following segment, Mr. Stewart makes a lot funny jokes, but perhaps its a little early to dismiss an entire ad campaign.

The Daily Show does much better when it speaks truth to power, exploiting hypocrisies and absurdities to great comedic effect. Making fun of an ad campaign is just shooting fish in a barrel. (But to be honest, who wouldn’t enjoy watching someone actually shooting fish in a barrel?)

Watch the clip then opine in the comments section in the tasteful, erudite and respectful method that Mediaite commenters are know for around the Internet.

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