Jonathan Karl To Anchor This Week, Joins ABC Newsers In Snow Home Videos

This week’s This Week anchor will be someone new – no Jake Tapper or Terry Moran or even Barbara Walters.

It will be ABC’s Senior Congressional Correspondent Jonathan Karl, who has a big exclusive interview – and introduced the ABC News audience to his family in a fun snow segment last night on World News.

Karl’s first week in the anchor chair will get the benefit of what is likely to be a news-making interview – with former VP Dick Cheney. It will be exclusive, and live…and likely to be played on news networks around the dial the rest of the day.

Last night, Karl was featured, along with Martha Raddatz and Rick Klein, in first person Flip videos about the D.C. snow.

Want to know how hard it was to find an open Starbucks (or, you know, drive anywhere)? Here’s the clip from yesterday:

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