Josh Duggar’s Brother-in-Law ‘Won’t Stop Trying to Get That Pig Out of Our Family’

josh anna duggar facebookOne of Josh Duggar‘s relatives is speaking out against the trouble ex-reality television star and hypocritical Christian moralist.

Daniel Keller, the brother of Josh’s wife Anna, took to Facebook to share his frustrations with his embattled brother-in-law. He had plenty of harsh things to say about Josh, but Daniel also spoke out against the Duggar and Keller families’ insistence that Anna stay with her husband — despite his admitted infidelity and history of child molestation.

It all started when Jessica Seawald, one of Josh’s younger sisters and alleged victims, posted about sin and forgiveness on Facebook. Keller reacted accordingly:

facebook daniel keller 1

His anger is hard to miss. Yet when pressed further by other readers, Keller faulted his own parents and launched into Josh without restraint:

facebook daniel keller 2

Once wasn’t enough, as Keller called Josh a “pig” again — this time with an added bit of verbal flair:

facebook daniel keller 3

Despite how horrible everything about the very public situation is, it’s nice to know that someone on the inside doesn’t agree with all the details in an unquestioning manner. Plus, Keller has given voice to pretty much what every other decent human being familiar with the story has been thinking.

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