Josh Earnest on ‘Draw Muhammad’ Shooting: No ‘Act of Expression’ Justifies Violence

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest offered comment earlier today condemning the shooting last night outside a Texas cultural center hosting a Mohammed cartoon contest. Two suspects were shot and killed, while one security guard was also shot but was brought to the hospital and released hours later.

According to reports from Air Force One, Earnest said, “There is no act of expression, even if it’s offensive, that justifies an act of violence.”

He heralded the “bravery” of the first responders and made President Obama‘s position on the matter abundantly clear:

“We have seen extremists try to use expressions that they considered to be offensive as a way to justify violence not only in this country, but around the world, and in the mind of the president there is no form of expression that would justify an act of violence.”

The event was organized by a group hosted by Pamela Geller, who said on CNN earlier that “The very idea that if something offends me, or I’m insulted by something I’ll kill you and somehow this is okay with members of the elite media, and academia, is outrageous.”

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