‘Journalism in America Is Dead’: Sean Hannity Does Revealing Q&A


Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity did a Q&A in which he declared, “Journalism in America is dead.”

When asked what the media gets wrong about Donald Trump, he said this:

Pretty much everything. They don’t get him. I’ve said it a lot: Journalism in America is dead. I think a lot of the reporting on Donald Trump has been totally, completely fabricated, dishonest.

The interview moved on to the topic of Kellyanne Conway. Hannity said that when Conway joined the presidential campaign, “she told [Trump] the truth.” When asked about her assertion regarding “alternative facts,” Hannity said that he understood why some people were shocked, but also understood what she meant.

“What she’s saying is we have a different view,” he said. “You’re giving your take, here’s ours.”

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