‘It’s a Possibility’ Trump Leaked Himself Says Journalist Who Received Trump’s Tax Returns

Fallout continued Wednesday after two pages from Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns were leaked to MSNBC and revealed last night. The release, showing that Trump paid a roughly 25% tax rate for the year and revealed no new revelations of unethical behavior, raised immediate questions about their origin.

Those questions were front and center on New Day this morning. During an interview with co-hosts Chris Cuomo and Poppy Harlow, journalist David Cay Johnston, who was mailed Trump’s tax information, suggested that it was a “possibility” that the Trump administration had leaked the info to him intentionally.

“Donald has a long history of leaking things,” said Johnston. “So it’s a possibility.”

“For a leak this seems to be pretty good for the president,” Cuomo agreed. “It was the best number to show how much money he makes, it doesn’t show anything nefarious and he winds up coming out looking like ‘see what’s the big deal?'”

Johnston, however, then walked back his suggestion slightly, saying that the angry White House reaction suggested that they had been caught off-guard.

Liberals and Conservatives, including Trump’s own son, Donald Trump Jr, immediately pounced on Maddow after the release, suggesting it was an all hype-low pay-off reveal.

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