Journalists And Human Rights Officials Blast Israel In Private Facebook Group

After the Israeli government released a report on Tuesday disputing claims that the Israel Defense Force was responsible for the 2000 death of a Palestinian boy, journalists and human rights activists mocked the news and bashed the Israeli government in a private Facebook page known as the “Vulture Club.”

Among the Vulture Club’s 3,500 members are foreign news correspondents, photojournalists, and human rights officials. The Washington Free Beacon points out that some of the group’s members took to mocking the IDF and suggesting the pro-Israeli lobby had influenced the media coverage of the report.

Human Rights Watch official Peter Bouckaert blasted the report as “typical IDF lies” and lamented that the New York Times had covered the story “as if these are credible allegations when it is a pack of lies.”

One El Mundo reporter suggested the pro-Israel lobby “uses all its strength” to make sure major publications like the Times publish the report in a favorable light. “That reinforces lack of media credibility and conspiracy theories as we are being used as mouthpieces for propaganda,” he added.

The Free Beacon also notes that an Associated Press photojournalist named Jerome Delay wrote: “The IDF thinks the earth is flat, btw.”

“The group is a secret FB group, and our discussions are confidential,” Bouckaert told the Free Beacon when they reached out for comment.

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