Joy Behar Bashes GOP Leaders For Staying Silent on Trump Rhetoric: ‘They are the Perpetrators Also!’

Joy Behar tore into Republican leadership Thursday for staying silent on President Donald Trump‘s rhetoric.

During a discussion of this week’s bomb scares on The View, Behar called out Republicans for not condemning Trump.

“I think that it’s incumbent upon the Republicans in this country to start to speak out,” Behar said. “Because as long as there is silence from [Sen. Mitch] Mcconnell (R-KY) and [Rep. Paul] Ryan (R-WI) and [Sen. John] Barrasso (R-WY), and [Sen. Orrin] Hatch (R-UT) and all those guys, there will always be a reaction. They have to now speak out against this.”

“They did not open their mouths when he attacked your father,” Behar added — addressing her colleague Meghan McCain and referencing Trump’s taunts against the late Senator John McCain. “They did not open their mouths when he attacked a Gold Star family, or he said he was going to grab women by their genitals, or when he said the Second Amendment will take care of Hillary Clinton. They stayed silent! And they are the perpetrators also!”

“I don’t think that’s fair,” McCain said — but the show cut to commercial and the discussion did not pick up after the break.

Watch above, via ABC.

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