Joy Behar: Boehner Put Me in Headlock After I Heckled Him

So, uh, this happened.

Yes, that is a photo of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) holding former View co-host Joy Behar in a headlock. Both appear to be somewhat enjoying themselves, and this is a really weird situation; how did this happen, again?

As Behar told Page Six, she was dining at an East Hamptons restaurant with her husband and a friend when Boehner, of all people, walked into the restaurant with four Secret Service agents. “They looked like they were going to a wake,” she noted. Considering her past history of heckling Republicans, she couldn’t help but shout a joking insult at Boehner:

She said, “I couldn’t resist having some fun. I jumped up and told him to stop obstructing President Obama. I am sick of all this deadlock. Strangely, he replied, ‘I am Obama’s best friend.’ Then he put his arm around my neck and it looked like he was going to strangle me.” She added: “Boehner had quite a grip. For a guy who cries a lot, he’s physically quite strong.”

Behar also happened to be in the Hamptons to attend a fundraiser for a Republican congressional candidate and to campaign against another Democrat opponent, so it’s not like Boehner snapped into his Terminator programming and went to strangle Democrats. In fact, come on, Boehner; stop accidentally strangling your own kind. They’re not rabbits.

[h/t The Hill]
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