Joy Behar: If There Was Widespread Voter Fraud in the Election, Then ‘Let’s Do It Over Again!’

The longstanding controversy surrounding allegations of widespread voter fraud have been resurfaced in the last two days thanks in no small part to reports of President Donald Trump‘s comments to lawmakers earlier this week. The head-scratching claims that millions of “illegals” helped tip the popular vote totals in favor of Hillary Clinton was further exacerbated by press secretary Sean Spicer yesterday to the clear disbelief of reporters in the press briefing room.

Understandably, the hot takes have been flying high by TV pundits in the hours since, and on Wednesday the cast of The View took square aim at the controversy. Whoopi Goldberg said, “Let’s call that alternative fact #1” to cheers from the audience, while Sunny Hostin revealed that the so-called “study” supporting POTUS’ claims was also proven incorrect.

That’s when Joy Behar enthusiastically chimed in, “You know what, if the election was rigged, and there was voter fraud, I say let’d do it over again.” It was a suggestion that was met with WILD applause from the crowd, likely all-too-eager to fantasize about redoing the results from November 8th.

Watch above via ABC.

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