Joy Behar Surmises That Trump Suffers From ‘Severe Narcissistic Disorder’

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.02.52 PMThe View host Joy Behar suggested Tuesday that Donald Trump suffers from “narcissistic disorder” and enjoys the attention of running for president.

The hosts were discussing Trump’s recent proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States in the wake of last Wednesday’s terror attacks in San Bernardino, CA. Trump doubled-down on his suggestion at a South Carolina rally Monday evening, insisting his plan is “not politically correct, but I don’t care.” That line gleaned Trump a standing ovation from his audience.

Behar said Trump revels in his admirers, recounting a conversation with the presidential candidate where he asked her, “can you believe the polls?”

“He’s fascinated by the fact that people are in love with him,” Behar continued. “He talks about the thousands who came to see him — it’s this narcissistic disorder.”

“I wonder if they’re going to find that in his medical records when he has to release them,” Behar joked. “Severe narcissistic disorder.”

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