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Joy Reid Reveals She Boycotted The Apprentice Because Trump Was a ‘Bigot’

Morning Joe closed out Tuesday with an appearance by Joy Reid. The fellow MSNBCer was on to talk about the continuing fallout of Trump, white supremacists, racism and Nazis. Heavy stuff — but such are the times.

Reid got the windup from the show’s resident woke grandpa, Mike Barnicle — who’s been on something of a roll himself recently.

“On Saturday you have Nazis in the streets in Charlottesville, you have violence, you have a death that occurs of an innocent American and then you have the President of the United States and his instinct is not to really go there, not to mention it.” he said.

Reid took it from there, agreeing in full and adding that it was Trump’s bigoted views which led her to never watch The Apprentice. — in contrast, she said, to most of her friends.

“He’s the guy who wanted the Central Park 5, who were teenagers like me at the time, dead and took out a full page ad to make it clear he wanted them dead. He’s the guy who was sued by the Nixon administration for God’s sake for not allowing people like me to move into his buildings,” she said. “I was one of the few people in my friend group who wouldn’t watch The Apprentice because I saw him as a bigot, years ago. He was a birther.”

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