Juan Williams Clashes With Five Co-Hosts Over Legitimacy of Trump Protests

Juan2On The Five Friday night, the co-hosts clashed over the anti-Trump protests that erupted in California that afternoon and the previous night.

“There were 20 arrests last night,” Greg Gutfeld said. “How much you want to bet that none of them called sick into work the next day?” He added that “half of them will get class credit.” Dana Perino suggested they may have been paid to protest.

Juan Williams argued that, “People have real reasons to be angry at Donald Trump.” He pointed to the “high levels of disaffection” surrounding the candidate’s staunch stance on immigration.

“What you have here are two dynamic forces in American society,” Williams continued. “And I think that for you to mock these people as, ‘Oh, they’re violent, they don’t have jobs, they’re crazy.’ You know what, people have a legitimate right to protest peacefully.”

“No one has a right to do what they did to that police car last night,” Eric Bolling responded, referring to videos of a police car in Costa Mesa getting totaled Thursday night by anti-Trump protesters.

Williams said that there were “larger issues” in play, specifically how the nation treats and deals with immigrants.

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