Judge Andrew Napolitano On Bush And Cheney ‘They Should Have Been Indicted’

This weekend Fox Business host (and frequent Fox News contributor) Judge Andrew Napolitano sat down with Ralph Nader to discuss, among other things, allegations that, under the Bush Administration detainees civil rights were violated. In the interview that aired on C-Span, Napolitano said of former President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney that they “should have been indicted” for torture.
When asked if the same policies exist under President Obama, Napolitano claimed that, as far as he knew, they did.

While the lion’s share of the interview focused on the alleged transgressions of Bush and Cheney, Napolitano and Nader did not leave Obama off the hook, ostensibly calling the sitting President “the prosecutor, the judge, the juror and the executor” because he has the power to kill Americans on foreign soil, if they are considered to be engaged in acts of terrorism against America.

(H/T Think Progress)

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