Julian Assange Tweets Out Victory Glamour Shot After Rape Charges Dropped

Julian Assange

Julian Assange was in a celebratory mood Friday after news broke that Swedish prosecutors were dropping rape charges they had been pursuing against him. The Wikileaks chief has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for more than five years now specifically to avoid extradition back to Sweden to face those allegations.

The reclusive Internet villain tweeted out what can only be described as a victory glamour shot for the fans. Presented without words, the photo shows a smiling Assange with his right arm raised behind his back. The shot is vaguely evocative of fellow leaker Edward Snowden’s aborted modeling career.

Nevertheless, anyone betting for a triumphant exist from the Ecuadorian embassy should likely think again.

British police have warned that Assange still faces immediate arrest if he sets foot outside the embassy for a prior incident of bail jumping. The U.S. Justice Department has also said they were looking for way to indict Assange as well. With the Swedish charges dropped, however, The Guardian reports that the Ecuadorian government was planning to take steps to try and legally move the Internet hacker to the country.

[image via screengrab] 

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