Julie Roginsky and Meghan McCain Go At It Over Comments About Sanders Leading ‘A Cult’

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.08.57 PMToday on Fox’s Outnumbered, the panel discussed Hillary Clinton‘s resounding victory against Bernie Sanders in yesterday’s New York state primary. Harris Faulkner questioned what might happen if Clinton is the eventual nominee and runs against Donald Trump.

Meghan McCain took the opportunity to share her thoughts on Sanders’ supporters.

After she called the Democratic socialist a “cult leader” and referred to his supporters as “cult followers,” she said she believed that Sanders’ fans would be so enraged by Clinton as the nominee that they would vote for Trump. Then, she continued, saying “young millennials [have] really bought into this cult” and called it their “Roswell conspiracy.”

Julie Roginsky countered by bringing up the 2008 election, which McCain’s father lost to Barack Obama, who beat Clinton for the nomination. She reminded the panel that Clinton’s supporters then were more ardent than Sanders’ now.

McCain interrupted, saying that Clinton had never been a “cult figure,” but Roginsky brushed her off, continuing. McCain interrupted again, reiterating her “cult following” line and insisting that the Sanders supporters “buy into the Kool-Aid” to underscore that she saw no correlation between the 2008 and 2016 elections.

Watch above to see the two women go back and forth.

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