Jury Finds Aurora Shooter James Holmes Guilty of First-Degree Murder

james holmesAfter nearly three months of deliberation, a jury has ruled that James Holmes is guilty of first-degree murder for all accounts in connection to the 2012 Aurora Shooting.

Holmes’s left 12 people dead and 70 injured when he opened fire at a theater full of movie-goers attending the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. His trial has addressed the numerous debates of whether Holmes was “not guilty” by reason of insanity for 165 charges of murder and attempted murder.

The prosecution sought two counts of first-degree murder or attempted murder for each one of Holmes’s victims, and has also alleged that Holmes acted with intent, and/or extreme indifference to human life.

Prosecution said that Holmes’ written plans, purchase of weapons, and the traps he left in his apartment are proof of his functioning mental capacity, while the defense has pointed to Holmes’s mental history and strange behavior in prison as evidence that Holmes was suffering a psychotic episode at the time.

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