‘Just Ridiculous’: John Oliver Slams Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters Over Trump Coverage

John Oliver (like many others in the media) has not been impressed lately with the quality of Fox News’ coverage surrounding Donald Trump and Russia.

In the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight, the comedian took the network to task, specifically singling out primetime hosts Jesse Watters and Tucker Carlson.

Oliver played a clip of Watters claiming on a recent episode of The Five that the Trump Russia story was a “boring scandal.”

“That is just ridiculous,” said Oliver. “There may be Americans hidden in plain view working on behalf of Russia is not boring, it’s literally a fucking Emmy nominated TV show,” (of course referring to the FX series The Americans)

Oliver then slammed Carlson, who he called “the villain from a direct-to-video Caddyshack sequel,” for suggesting that much of the Russia scandal and reportage was not what it seemed. He “tried to Jedi mind trick this scandal out of existence.”

More broadly, Oliver used the segment to recap the blizzard of Trump scandals and news coverage over the last week. He also said that Democrats and Trump haters shouldn’t hold out too much hope for impeachment as long as Republicans control the House and Senate.

“Can you even remember how this week began?” he asked at the top of the segment.

The Fox stuff begins around 9:40. You can watch the whole segment above.

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