Justin Trudeau: Trump’s Tweeting Represents a ‘New Wrinkle in International Diplomacy’

In an interview with the New York TimesPeter Baker and Catherine Porter earlier today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remarked about his US counterpart’s social media habits — and how they need to be treated seriously.

Canada’s leader joked around a bit with the subject at first, stating that he’s not sitting up in bed at night and reading President Donald Trump’s tweets.

“If I get woken up at night for something, it better be something more important than a tweet,” he said. “I think modern means of communications have led to adjustments in how we function.”

However, after playing that up for laughs a bit, he went on to say that things a world leader says shouldn’t be treated as a laughing matter.

“Anything that the President of the United States says in any forum is worthy of noting, of placing into context,” the prime minister explained. “I understand the power of a genuine, authentic voice, where people in this society appreciate being able to directly hear and see and learn what someone thinks in a less filtered way.

“There’s no question that the way the president chooses to speak directly to people through social media is a new wrinkle in international diplomacy,” Trudeau noted.

He did provide some praise for POTUS, pointing out that Trump “actually does listen” and is “open to shifting his position.”

Trump has used Twitter to comment on a number of different countries and their leaders. Canada has not been immune to the president’s online foreign policy statements, as Trump slammed Canada in April over trade and dairy farming.

Watch the entire interview above, via New York Times.

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