Kal Penn Has Raised More Than $500k in the Name of Someone Who Told Him He Doesn’t ‘Belong in This Country’

shutterstock_206083396Over the weekend, actor Kal Penn posted a photo to Twitter that showed the hateful comment of an online troll who said “You don’t belong in this country, you f*cking joke.” Instead of getting angry over it, he decided to start a fundraising page in that person’s name to raise money to give to Syrian refugees.

The description on the Crowdrise page says “We are better than the hateful people who tell us we don’t belong in our own country, that America can’t be a beacon of freedom and hope for refugees from around the world. We will turn their bigotry, along with the President’s, into love.”

The goal, at first was to raise $2,500. After 11 minutes, however, Penn tweeted that he had already raised half that, and raised the goal.

At the time of this posting, the page has raised more than $500,000 including donations in the name of “Chief Strategist Steve Bannon” and “Republicans who voted for Trump.”

[image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock, Inc.]

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