KKK Shooting Suspect Was Once Busted ‘Mid-Act’ with Black Male Prostitute

Frazier Glenn Miller, the suspect in the Kansas shooting earlier this month, has an odd incident in his past that was unearthed this week. It turns out that Miller, a member of the KKK, was busted in the middle of enjoying the company of a black male prostitute.

An ABC News report this week about Miller’s past examined his past as a fugitive from justice and his dealings with the FBI. And when authorities were looking into Miller’s background, they discovered this one unfortunate incident in which this white supremacist was discovered, by the police, alongside a black male prostitute. Federal prosecutor J. Douglas McCullough described the report as “shocking” and “rather salacious.”

Now, the fact that a white supremacist was caught in the company of a black male prostitute is weird enough. But that’s not the truly weird part.

Miller was not charged in connection with the prostitution arrest and no public record of the incident could be located. But in a recorded phone call with the Southern Poverty Law Center last fall, Miller claimed that he had lured the prostitute to the meeting with the intention of beating him.

Yes, Miller intended to beat this black male prostitute, but it appears a lot more than his fist connected with the prostitute…

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