Kanye West Lauds George W. Bush; Ridiculously Compares Matt Lauer To A Child Molester

Kanye West is riding high right now after his new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, opened to rave reviews and huge sales. Yesterday he performed a surprise show in New York (which people went absolutely crazy trying to get tickets for) and made sure to include a truly ridiculous, nine and a half minute rant in it. The whole thing is epic and worth about a hundred of his awesomely insane Tweets.

In it, he thanks his fans, celebrates his career resurgence, defends George W. Bush, attacks the media for misconstruing Bush’s interview about him, compares Matt Lauer to a child molester, compares Matt Lauer to an abusive boyfriend, knocks Taylor Swift, and, hilariously, implies that he’s banged a whole bunch of models. It’s hard to describe (especially since West explains that, when bloggers write about someone, they’re only writing about their own insecurities and desires or something) so you really should just watch this video captured by YouTube user Smshnpmpkn who sums it up thusly: “Cost of ticket – $100.00 Cost of Kanye rant – priceless!”

(via TMZ)

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